Natural Aromatherapy Facial Moisturizer

Hey there! Welcome. I have a wonderful aromatherapy blend to share with you today. You may think this field if for your nose only but it is not! Your skin is your largest organ and is most definitely nourished by natural plant essential oils when prepared properly.  I see so many people neglecting their skin by either ignoring its needs or slathering on heavy perfume laden chemical brews that they think are helping when in reality it is just causing more problems.  If you are anything like me, you must have tried several “natural” moisturizing creams with a super long ingredient list that left your face feeling oily and blemished.

I see our bodies as well-oiled machines and when there is an imbalance of some kind, the body alerts you by producing something out of the ordinary for you to take notice.

Well oiled machine
Balanced and oiled the natural way!

This could be triggered by a poor diet heavy in processed foods, an overgrowth of bacteria, or even chemicals that toxically overload your body. Based on the Environmental Working Group’s website, there has been a fair amount of research done on some chemicals found in a natural, paraben free, vegan moisturizer I once applied nightly to my skin that point to some pretty hazardous concerns. Two of the worst were Retinyl Palmitat (Vitamin A Palmitate) and fragrance. These sound so harmless, right? Well as I have discovered, they are not! Retinyl Palmitate is a synthetic form of vitamin A chemically engineered to help prevent aging (1) that has been found to mutate cells, be a reproductive toxicant, and a tumor producer (2). Fragrance is a concoction of various scent chemicals used to trick your brain into believing you smell fresh lavender or some other natural aroma but has been found to be an immune system toxicant (3).  Don’t you think that it would be better to eat some carrots and use real lavender essential oils on your skin? Me too!


I understand how frustrating and disheartening this can be and I want to share with you the remedy that helped me overcome this daily battle. I created this recipe while I was a student at Aromahead Institute learning all about these wonderful essential oils and how they can support every part of our bodies. I hope you enjoy!

Blend ingredients and apply externally
Blend ingredients and apply externally


I want your feedback! Do you have any particular blends you’d like to see? Any specific essential oil questions? Post your comments below and I’ll be sure to address them. I appreciate your input ♥

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