20 Things to Do With Yourself




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So, I must start this by saying, having a night with me was just what this girl needed to get it back together. You read that right, with me; the one and only! Sometimes I feel kind of spirally in a downward motion. Not sure what it is but I know I am now constantly moving in the opposite direction and it feels good!!!! It is so nice to have quiet time to just reflect on life and ponder what you want from it. I now realize that I want everything; from one end of the spectrum way out to the other. I want solitude and complete social immersion. I want rural life and city life. And why can’t I have both? The only one ever holding you back is well, YOU!

Here's lookin' at you

Here’s lookin’ at you…and me!

So some of these things could be done with others; though I will say, I believe you will find no deeper, truer joy than in the action of fulfilling yourself. So often we look outside ourselves for love and acceptance but if you have ever looked within or pondered what it means to be you, I am sure you’ll find that self-exploration, self-love, and self-acceptance trumps receiving these from an outside source.


Without further ado, here is a list of some of the ways I really take time out for me and connect to who I am and how I feel and what I want from my life. I hope you find some time to do any of these things and truly enjoy what they bring about for you <3


20 Things to do with yourself


  1. Lay on a blanket outside under beautiful trees and just be.

2. Go for a walk. 2,00 steps is about a mile and is easier than you think to achieve.

  1. Hula hoop, fun for all ages.

Hoop Fun!

  1. Stretch or practice yoga.


  1. Take a quiet, relaxing bath. Throw in some lavender and calendula in there for a calming effect and maybe some mint leaves in there if you are feeling daring and want to energize a bit.


  1. Read an intriguing book. I am working on Walden on Wheels, Ken Ilgunas and just finished up Fear and Loathing in America, Hunter S. Thompson.


Buy the ticket, take the ride

  1. Indulge in a healthy dessert. Try blending almond milk, frozen bananas, cocoa powder, and a bit of peanut butter. Deceptively scrumptious shake!


  1. Craft a masterpiece. Paint, sew, blend anything to get your creative juices flowing


  1. Tend to a garden or a plant. Taking care of another life makes me feel fully alive.


  1. Dance like no one is watching…..because they’re not! See # 17. I really love the Vixen Workout.


  1. Partake in creative writing. http://thinkwritten.com/365-creative-writing-prompts/


  1. Do a crossword or word find to sharpen your mind


  1. Put together a beautiful puzzle where the reward is an inspiring picture


  1. Color. It is the newest adult trend 🙂


  1. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood or local park


  1. Re-organize your space so you can find a new perspective


  1. Watch a YouTube video and learn something new…this one will make you feel so energized and vital! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFY59CV7BcQ
Vixen Workout pic
(This is a pic from the video found at the above web address Vixen Workout)


  1. Sort and unload some of your “things” around the house….it feels so good to have some of the weight of stuff lifted from you.


  1. Practice breath work meditations. I’ve recently discovered this type of practice at One O Eight TV. I love their mission and hope you will head over to the site and take a look around! https://oneoeight.com/


  1. If you are feeling super motivated, you may find great satisfaction in canning or preserving some food. It is quite tedious your first go around but after that it seems like a breeze. This is so fun and just think; you can enjoy the fruits of your labor well into another season! Here is my favorite canned recipe to date:


Recipe is for informational purposes only and is from my experience
Recipe is for informational purposes only and is from my experience


What types of activities do you do by yourself that promote a calm sense of self?


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