Essential Oil Safety

Hey y’all! This post is a bit less intriguing than most of what I want to share here but I feel I must post about this subject before we go any further into the beautiful world of aromatherapy.  I see so much misinformation on the web and among my acquaintances and would like to share what I’ve learned.


Most importantly / Disclaimer: If you intend to use essential oils for someone who falls in a high risk category, please have them speak with their healthcare professional about essential oil use for their particular situation.  This would include, but not be limited to older people, pregnant or nursing mothers, children, and people taking any sort of medication.

So much plant matter in 1 drop!


  • Essential oils, although natural* and safe in small doses, are very concentrated and care should be taken when choosing the amount to use in your blends.


There are only a few oils considered safe to use without diluting. Personally, I dilute all of my oils with the exception of true lavender. Dilution can be achieved using any skin nourishing oil, butter, or lotion. A few carrier oils I find lovely to use in blends are jojoba, avocado oil, or unscented lotion. Dilutions most commonly used are below:

1% (5-6 drops per 1 oz carrier oil): I would use this dilution for people in the high risk category listed above, also for general daily use on face and / or sensitive skin

2% (10-12 drops per 1 oz carrier oil): Generally considered safe for daily use with most people depending on the oils used and the person

3% + (15-18 drops per 1 oz carrier oil): This is typically reserved for chronic conditions and used for a short period with some amount of time between applications


  • Some essential oils are very harsh on the skin but have been found to provide great benefits to your body. These can be safely used in lower dilutions accompanied by other skin nourishing essential oils.



  • Internal use of essential oils is almost always recommended against. Our mucus membrane covers the inside of our nose, esophagus, mouth, and anus. (Yes, I’ve read suggestions to insert essential oils into the anal cavity!). If you think of those areas of your body, I feel you will realize that they are sensitive and are most likely parts you don’t want to risk damaging.


With all of this said, the responsible, educated use of essential oils has really enriched my life and I know it can for you too!  Learning the safety of use is an essential first step…Ha, see what I did there ;). From this point, you can expand and look into research done on some of the commonly used oils or seek out teachers that have plenty of experience with essential oils.

I learned about essential oils and safely using them from Aromahead Institute. This is not a sponsored post or anything; I just had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend studying with this organization as the founder is super hands on and has been involved with essential oils, studying, observing their use, and teaching, for close to 20 years! That’s even before many people knew what they were!


*It’s worth noting that buying essential oils from companies that test the oils and provide the results gives me a piece of mind that I am not using adulterated oils on my body. Let me know if you would like suggestions as to the companies I use and love.

Let me know what you think!