Behind the Blog

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you found this space in the vast cyber universe. My name is Amber and I am here to help you nourish and heal yourself and your family! This is my limitless collection of precious information I hope you will find helpful.Amber Edit2.19


I am a certified aromatherapist, level 1 crystal healer, family chef, gardener, foodie, activity seeker, new hooper, and a nature lover among other things. I find each day to be so very fleeting and I like to make the most of mine by absorbing every morsel of information I can find and then passing it on to the next person so each one can do the same. I hope by the end of this life I have filled so many people with radiant happiness, health, and knowledge.



*Shine Bright*


Some of the things you will find here are nourishing recipes, new ideas, natural self-care blends, and insight into how I live a balanced, happy life! Many of these are found in nature too. Coincidence? I think not! I want to share not only my stories but other people’s stories about successes and some failures in the quest to take care of our bodies, minds, spirits, and the Earth itself in a society that, at times, seems so rushed, externalized, and destructive.  I am so eager to share what I learn with you!


All of these treasures came to fruition with one little bottle of tea tree essential oil. Crazy, huh? Until I purchased this bottle to fight a nasty cold sore I had no idea how important nature was in my daily life. I bought food from a factory (basically), medicine from a pharmacy, and products that had a plethora of toxic chemicals and just went on about my life like this was normal. Of course, I researched this oil before I purchased it and found all of these wonderful benefits from using it in the correct way. I could replace my OTC fever blister with this oil combined with a bit of coconut oil, and replace my toxic household cleaners with it and a few other natural ingredients, and practice environmentally conscious consumerism by seeking out and purchasing this oil from companies that found responsible growers and distillers. This was just the beginning and it was almost 2 years ago! Since then I have added to my repertoire and continue to do so daily.


Please, take a look around and join me as I savor each day and share each drop of insight I find to help us all live the best lives we possibly can!