Crystal Healing Class


Hey, hey. Happy hump day! I have some insight to share with you into a wonderful course I completed recently. As you may have noticed, I am now a certified level 1 crystal healer. Wooo hooo!!! I took Renee’s class over at Traditions School of Herbal Studies. She is just a wealth of knowledge and really opened my eyes and heart to so many more possibilities in terms of healing ourselves, our communities, and our world! I have always been an advocate of sending love to people near and far, but did you know you can send healing too? This is something I had never considered but with what Renee taught me, it makes perfect sense. We are all energy; all of us, the Earth, animals, plants, and the rest of the universe. If you really take time to focus your energy in a serving manner you CAN direct that energy out to others.


In this class we learned about our 7 chakras or energy centers of the body including what color, actions, and crystals related to each node. We also discussed crystal grids.

In regards to our energy, I have learned that balance is the key. Some people may be “up in the clouds” or have such highly vibrating energy that they want to harness some grounding lower energy to get some peace and tranquility into their day. If this were the case for me, I’d select crystals related to the root or sacral chakras. Many crystals fit this bill such as black obsidian or red jasper. These are particularly grounding stones to help bring you back down to Earth. You can notice which other crystals may assist you by tapping into how you feel about the crystals you are observing and also think about them in terms of appearance. Any beautiful deep hued, earthy crystal that calls to you could be used.

At the opposite end of this spectrum, if you are feeling down and out or lethargic a crystal associated with any of the top 4 chakras can help raise you up and lift your spirits. You could try green aventurine to calm anxiety and instill faith and love in yourself or possibly clear quartz which is said to be one of the most energizing crystals. That is the one I needed to call on just a couple of days ago!


You see, sometimes I just feel “out of whack.” I am pretty much always happy-go-lucky and super optimistic so when I was down in the dumps the other day I knew I needed my clear quartz crystal with me. It was a beautiful gift from a great friend and I am so glad it found its way to me! This crystal really helped me get back to my motivated, energetic self. I made a wrap for it so I could just put the crystal on my necklace and really let its wonderful energy envelop me. That morning I felt immediately more awake and also a calm, almost euphoric feeling came over me. I found the balance I had been missing!

Crystal Necklace Bowl

Keeping your crystal near you is just one way to take in their energy. Another that we learned about in class is by utilizing crystal energy and sacred geometry to create a grid. These are crystals set out into a geometric shape and then activated to let the energy flow continuously within the grid and also out to where your intentions send it; more on that later.

I could go on and on because I so deeply love to learn new things! I will restrain myself. Definitely take a look at Traditions School of Herbal Study’s social media page HERE to check out what they offer. I am sure you would find a class that calls to your heart.

Until next time, be well!

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