New Year, New Opportunities


Well, another year has flown by and I feel I’m in the same place. Do you ever feel that way? I know I’ve progressed a lot, sometimes it’s hard to see if it is not a huge change all at once. Really though, who can sustain that kind of jump?


So, now I will make some small changes that I hope will lead to BIG results! From here on out, I will post at least twice a month, on Sundays, and would really welcome any ideas you’d like me to test or try out. My goal with this blog is to learn more about health and wellness, in all aspects of life, and share my experiences and findings with you all! Some things you may look forward to:


Moringa oleifera

Moringa: The Tree of Life

I’ve been growing one for years and really think it is such a special tree.












Honey, My Darling

Infusing some really delicious herbs and other ways I use this wonderful elixir












Beeswax Candle Making: Trials and Tribulations

This was fun, somewhat difficult, and produced beautiful results









There you have it! A highlight of the things to come and you can be sure there will be more; I’m feeling explorative lately <3

Have any ideas you’d like me to explore or look into? Any good books I should read? I’m really open to any new learning. Thanks y’all!



If you know something 100%, it leaves no room for expansion (In my own words adapted from Creating True Peace, Thich Nhat Hanh)



Let me know what you think!