It’s Just a Broken Heart

“Don’t have eyes for the world outside

They’re closed and turned within

Trying to find a light inside

It’s there and growing dim

I’m alright, it’s just tonight

I can’t play the part

I’m alright, it’s alright

It’s just one broken heart.”

Eddie Vedder – Broken Heart


Happy Sunday! Hoping your Valentine’s Day did not end in heartbreak but if it did, just know, you are not alone with this hurt. We’ve all been there. In today’s society hearts are crushed daily it seems; by others that you love, by your own hand, or the world in general. Hearts can break so many times you may wonder “how can there be anything left of it?” The beautiful thing about our heart is that it can be broken over and over again yet put back together into its whole form with hardly a scar. Just as many factors that can break your heart can help you mend it. I can vouch for these ways to heal a broken heart because I’ve been through it and mine has been healed. It was healed by my own forgiveness, by my lover’s support and attention, and by time. It felt great to move past that brokenness into wholeness. In reality, the longer you open your heart and love the more chances you have for it to be broken; keep it open anyway. I feel that a life with a vulnerable, open heart is better than a cold life of darkness, and bitterness. From my own experiences, I’d like to share with you how I’ve healed, and even expanded my heart in times of severe breaks.


<3 Journaling – I write when something is weighing on me. Usually, this is enough to get something off my mind and onto the paper for good or for another time when I can reflect with a fresh perspective.


<3 Intentional growth (reading, learning, sharing with others) – Taking the focus away from “what’s wrong” and directing it to something positive is a powerful way to move past sadness for me. I like to read and share with other people in similar situations, learn a new skill that makes me joyful, or look up inspirational quotes or stories.

<3 Aromatherapy* – See my Broken Heart Deep Breath** blend below


-Orange, Sweet: To uplift and calm 24 drops

-Cedarwood: Grounding and strengthening 20 drops

-Clary Sage: Calming and stress reducing 23 drops

-Marjoram, Sweet: Warming and comforting 20 drops

-Ylang Ylang: Euphoric feelings and relaxation 9 drops

I like to use the proportions above to make a stock blend. Then, you can add a few drops to your diffuser or about 15 drops to the cotton pad of an inhaler.


<3 Communication with your loved one or a friend – sharing your thoughts and feelings in a respectful way. They may just have some advice or words that will make you see things differently.


<3 Last but not least, Time – In every broken heart situation I’ve had, time has made me think of the hurt less and less.


So there you have it! How I have personally persevered and overcome my broken heart. Are there any other comforts you find helpful in times of distress? Please let me know so I can add to my repertoire.


*It’s worth noting that you should seek out the purest essential oils possible for this blend. In one study, artificial scents raised stress hormones and blood pressure! How do you know which ones are unaltered? Ask the company for a GCMS report on the batch of oil you purchased. There should be a higher percentage of known components than unknown.


**Notice: this information is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions and should not be substituted from medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

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